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Did you know?

  • Because COVID-19 is difficult to track and contain, infected individuals may not know they are putting their colleagues at risk. Even those who are vaccinated can be carriers.

  • Over 40% of Americans are saying no to vaccination.

  • Vaccine cards printed on easily obtainable heavy white paper; they are impossible to quickly verify with no central system.

  • Pharmaceutical companies are forecasting 5+ boosters needed as strains mutate, making Covid-19 vaccines unlikely to be the panacea we all hoped for.

Making business decisions during a pandemic no one was prepared for effects the health and safety of yourself, your employees, and your patients.  With your workplace on the front lines, it’s imperative to seek out services to ensure safety, security, and ease-of-mind in order to operate in compliance with new OSHA, ADA, and CDC standards.

Our Mobile COVID-19 testing services are designed to give business entities from all types of industries direct access to testing.

We carry all test types - rapid antigen, rt-PCR and antibody tests - and are brand agnostic - it’s up to you! We also enable your employees to self-test at any time.

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Test Types

  • Rapid Antigen: Tests from a variety of FDA-authorized brands including Abbott Labs, Carestart & BD Veritor. (10-20 minute results)

  • rt-PCR: Nasal Swabs tests from our preferred network of laboratories (2-3 day results)

Service Methods

  • Onsite Technician: One or more technicians  will come onsite at a cadence of your choice to collect each employee’s sample at a high throughput rate

  • Employee Self-Service (BEST SELLER): Self-test kits for employees; call center assistance available anytime. Always available and ready at your workplace without wait time. We cover all licensure, compliance and reporting on your behalf