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Did you know?

  • Over 50% of Americans suffer from some degree of gum disease, which, left untreated, can lead to even more serious issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

  • Employees spend 164 million work hours per year getting dental care - and that’s just the 60% of them who actually go.

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Your employees do their best when they feel their best - and we want to help make their smile amazing. Two out of three American workers report that dental benefits are a “very” or “extremely” important part of their benefits package. Whether your company provides dental insurance or not, our team provides a simple, fun, and efficient perk for your team.

Dental is where our company started and it is our favorite specialty!


Cleaning  Appointment & Check-up: Preventative care is very important! This is our most common appointment, where a dentist, or a hygienist paired with a remote dentist, cleanings and polishes your teeth as well as collects data (such as x-rays) to ensure they can assess your state of dental health.

Professional Teeth Whitening: We recommend using sensitivity toothpaste before and after treatment, and avoiding colorful foods afterwards, such as wine, berries, and tomato sauce. Recommended only once a year. Are you a good candidate for whitening? Check our FAQ

Deep Cleaning: Deep Scaling & Root Planning is done over 2 visits - each covering two of the four quadrants of the mouth. This is for patients with red, swollen, or bleeding gums due to bacteria having invaded the deep pockets between their teeth and gums. Local anesthesia is normally used.  Two deep cleanings below the gum line, two dental exams, local anesthesia, and full mouth series of 16 x-rays.

Restorative: If you need advanced work like veneers, a root canal, a crown, fixing of a chipped tooth, or your wisdom teeth removed, we will work with our network of dentists to get you the care you need. If you are manager with a population who is in need of advanced work, we can arrange for on site advanced care as well.

Invisible Aligners: A straight smile is not just aspirational, it helps with hygiene and breathing. We partner with various brands to find the best fit.