Real Greek Feta Hits the Ground Crumbling

Real Greek Feta® Hits the Ground Crumbling

Murray's Cheese Introduces Authentic Feta with Tasting Events Nationwide

Move over Greek yogurt, the crown jewel of Greek agriculture — Real Greek Feta® — is hitting our shores this fall. This tangy, versatile and delectably creamy-crumbly artisan cheese will be available online and at Murray's Cheese shops inside Kroger, King Soopers, Fred Meyer and QFC supermarkets across the U.S., beginning in early fall.

Only 2% of the feta consumed in the US is actually made in Greece.  Through this partnership with Greek cheese advocate Pantelis Rapanakis, president of ODIPPAF, the organization charged with protecting and promoting Greek PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) Feta cheese, Murray’s is helping to keep the ancient tradition of feta alive.

After months of work, Murray’s Cheese is finally ready to introduce the results of those efforts to Americans who may have never tasted the real deal.  “The richness of sheep’s milk, and the flora the animals eat on the rocky hillsides of Greece, define terroir with their briny salty tang,” Murray’s owner and president Rob Kaufelt writes in The Huffington Post.  

Murray’s Real Greek Feta follows the time-honored recipe of Greek artisans: it is made exclusively from 100% sheep’s milk, then carefully aged in wooden barrels for 60 days to create a beautifully balanced, versatile cheese.

Murray’s will celebrate the arrival of Real Greek Feta in their shops nationwide with tasting events, cooking demonstrations and parties in early fall:

Real Greek Feta: 14 Easy Recipes.  These tastings will take place in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. For dates and locations, visit

New York City shops: at the original shop at 254 Bleecker Street and at Murray’s Cheese in Grand Central Station.  Stay tuned for dates and times for these events.

Scoop It Chop It Cook It, will personally lead tastings at selected Murray’s shops in New York, Denver and Seattle, demonstrating how to prepare an assortment of feta dishes including salads, appetizers and after-school snacks.  With a one-pound purchase of Real Greek Feta, the first 48 attendees at each of Tara’s events will receive a complimentary copy of her cookbook.  Stay tuned for dates and locations for Tara’s event.

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About Real Greek Feta 

With a recipe that's remained unchanged for over a thousand years, Real Greek Feta is sourced exclusively from Greek shepherds, whose local flocks feed on the ancestral hills and lush valleys of their ancient homeland. It is aged for 60 days in wooden barrels, following a storied process that gives it a rich and balanced flavor and texture.  Currently, only 2% of Feta consumed in the US actually hails from Greece. With this launch, Americans will rediscover Real Greek Feta.

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About Murray's Cheese

Murray’s is the nation’s leading cheese destination, dubbed by Forbes as “the best cheese shop in the world.” Founded in 1940 in the heart of Greenwich Village, Murray’s has a vital part of New York’s rich food history.  Owner and President Rob Kaufelt has grown the Murray’s family of businesses over the past two decades, which includes two flagship stores and a restaurant in New York City, a wholesale business that supplies fine restaurants, and a mail order business that ships cheese nationwide.  Murray’s partnership with The Kroger Company currently includes more than 80 Murray’s Cheese counters within supermarkets nationwide. For locations, visit