Scoop It Chop It Cook It!

The Scoop It Chop It Cook It cookbook is dedicated to the delicious, healthy and natural ingredients you can discover in your local supermarket's Mediterranean Bar, or as I call it, the MedBar.

MedBar vegetables - artichokes, roasted tomatoes, beans and olives of all varietals - typically appear on antipasti platters in Europe.  Scoop It will help you understand how to bring these these fantastic ingredients into your home, and onto your table.

A surprising and little-known fact about MedBar products is that they contain the perfect marinade for cooking. Most of the olives are immersed in a brine/vinegar combination, and the preserved vegetables in oil—primarily a blend of canola/extra-virgin olive oil. They pair together as the ideal sauce for sautéing, basting, or simply tossing with greens.

The vegetables on the Mediterranean bar hail from around the world; once harvested, they are quickly cleaned, then grilled or roasted, marinated, freshly preserved, and shipped to your market. They are all natural, all healthy, and very, very delicious.

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