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Onsite physicals enable patients to get the professional and comprehensive care they need and create a baseline for your wellness program. 


Biometric screenings provide a snapshot of employee health through the analysis of common measurements.


Despite 80%+ of Americans touting the importance of dental care, over 50% have gum disease - a condition with doubles the risk of heart disease, stroke & diabetes.


Poor vision results in headaches, absenteeism, low productivity, low focus/attention and proneness to accidents.


Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical condition behind arthritis and heart disease, affecting people of all ages.


Over 75% of employees believe their employer should be offering more to support their mental health. The pandemic and returning to the office has negatively affected peoples mental health. 


Drug testing is effective in preventing accidents, health issues and costs, absenteeism, and litigation.


Respirator fit testing ensures that employees are safe from breathing in harmful contaminants and pathogens from their environment.


The flu affects the whole body—including your nose, throat and lungs—and can lead to serious complications in those with chronic illness.


As Covid-19 variants surge,  the definition of 'vaccinated' keeps changing. Keep your employees safe and keep your production lines open.


Track your employees across their testing & vaccination life cycle and ensure that your Covid policies are up to date and enforced for entry to the workplace.


Great for high-throughput work environments, lobbies with visitors, and smartphone-free work environments. Set it and forget it.


Why bring onsite services to the workplace? Why through us?

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Save Time

Employees spend 5+ hours on average away from work traveling to and from each appointment. We can do 5 appointments at once in a single sitting.

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Increase Productivity

Happy, healthy and engaged employees are more creative and produce more. Also, lower absenteeism keeps the group together.

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Save Money - Now

Working with a single vendor for various services means you stay in-network or keep your prices controlled across sites.

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Save Money - Later

With 6 in 10 Americans having one or more chronic diseases, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Recruit & Retain Talent

Over 26% of employees leaving jobs cite benefits as a leading cause. Show them you care and keep them engaged.


What our customers say

“The person who administered the shots was kind, gentle, pleasant, and fun! The team I worked with to schedule the clinic was very responsive and professional."

"I can’t say enough wonderful things about how this was handled. From the moment I contacted Kelly to the very last test that was done it was all amazing! Diane was great, so many of the staff commented about how nice she was. "

"The mouth is part of the body and a lot of people are having dental issues here. Few players provide dental onsite in a quality way.”


Need clarification?

How often do you recommend onsite services?

The goal is to improve the overall well-being of your team, employees and family. Regular calendars embed wellness into the workplace and having services via an onsite clinic or via a rotational calendar produces the best results.

Will you take our insurance?

We will always work with you to find the most affordable option between insurance and direct-pay options. Yes, for a majority of services, we are able to bill your insurance!

Are there fees associated with you coming onsite?

Fees are none or minimal if you book 40 appointments per visit.

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We look forward to serving you. For a full exportable description of our program for you or your clients, grab this. We'd also love to discuss it with you.

"Gina (the RN) is amazing and really did a great job with some of our consumers. She is super friendly and it was working with her. This is our second year with Gina and I hope we get her again!"

- Education Services Client, Maine

Interested in our efficient & scalable healthcare programs?

Throughout the pandemic and beyond, we've helped over 150 businesses of all sizes achieve lower healthcare costs, maximize access to care for all sites, and improve workforce productivity.

Whether you're your group is located in the desert or a city skyscraper, or both, we're happy to help.

Gina (the RN) is amazing and really did a great job with some of our consumers. She is super friendly and it was working with her. This is our second year with Gina and I hope we get her again!"

- Education Services Client, Maine

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