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CrossRoads Pharmacy

4801 Dorsey Hall Dr. Suite 120, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Please note : Samples for both rt-PCR testing and Antibody Rapid Testing are collected at the curbside while sitting in the car. Please do not come inside the pharmacy for testing. It will be performed from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM from Monday to Friday.

All of our tests have FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). 

In order for your testing appointment to be covered by your insurance carrier, a prescription has to be generated by a licensed physician. Completing the screening on the next page and your interaction at the facility will serve as an office visit to enable one of our partner physicians to issue a prescription for a COVID-19 test. 

Answer the survey as thoroughly as possible to enable your insurance carrier to assess your coverage.

Billing is administrated by Medbar in partnership with Dr. Chrono - please contact 646-933-5677 or with any inquiries. 

If you have any questions regarding whether your test is covered under insurance, please reach out to your insurance provider directly. Due to current appointment volumes, we do not provide eligibility verification services.

*Please note: Each testing appointment takes 10 minutes to complete as indicated below each appointment option. Results are sent electronically and not given at the point of sample collection. The finger prick antibody test is processed at the point of sample collection and results are available within 20 minutes. The Antigen rt-PCR test is sent out to a lab to process and results are available in 3-5 days.