For Patients

You’re coming to my workplace! How do I book an appointment?

  • You will need to click on your designated booking link sent to you by your HR team. First you select your desired service, select your desired time slot, fill out your basic contact information and voila! An insurance information/medical history form will be emailed to you to complete - all online, all ahead of time!

  • If we have open appointments on activation day, we may accept walk-ins!
    Our team onsite can assist in making day-of appointments.

 Does Med Bar accept my insurance? 

  • We accept all major insurances.

  • Note that vision and hearing screenings are not covered by insurance. These appointment types are processed through your HR team, or payed for out of pocket. Check with your HR team or email us at support@medbar.com to see which method your appointment will be processed.

  • We verify and clear each person’s insurance coverage prior to their appointment, as long as they book their appointment and submit their insurance information with 48 hours notice. If the patient is liable for any charges or co-pays, we will let them know directly. 

What happens if I do not have my company’s insurance?

  • We accept all major insurances and have thoughtful prices for those without insurance. All services have clearly marked pricing and we accept credit card payments at the time of booking.

When I try to schedule an appointment, it won’t let me choose a time slot?

  • If there are no times available on the booking link, unfortunately it means our event is all booked up. Keep an eye out for when we are visiting your workplace again. We hope we can catch you next time!

What other services do you do?

  • Our onsite services include vision screenings, hearing screenings, dental, COVID-19 testing, biometric screenings, chiropractic and physical therapy, and more. If you want more of our services at your workplace, let your HR team know!

How will I receive test results?

  • Your test results will be emailed to you via a secure portal.

Do you take photos?

  • Yes, we would like to take general photos of the space for marketing purposes, but we will always ask for your permission first and have you sign a photo release form.

  • If your space does not permit photography, we are more than happy to comply.

  • Nothing confidential will be in the photos.

Still have a question?

  • Shoot us an email at support@medbar.com, chat with us online, or call us at 646-933-5677.